The Giving Machine

The PTFA are members of The Giving Machine, a service whereby we receive donations whenever anyone shops after first visiting The Giving Machine. These donations don’t cost you a penny – they come directly from the retailer, and range from 1% to 30%+ of your total spend – and the PTFA is paid the donation by the retailer.

Joining is simple. Visit and, where it says “Have a sign up code?” (see left), enter the number 62081. You will then be asked to join.

After you have registered, the PTFA’s cause will be automatically linked with your account.

To do your shopping (especially with Christmas already approaching), simply visit The Giving Machine, log into your account, and using the search box at the top of the page, enter the name the shop you wish to visit.

The Giving Machine will then redirect you, adding a special cookie that tells the shop you are visiting that you’re registered with The Giving Machine. It’s a simple as that. Just repeat when you wish to visit another shop.

Lastly, The Giving Machine offers a browser plugin that simplifies the process, allowing you to simply click a button when you visit a online shop and activate donations for that shop.

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The Giving Machine
The Giving Machine

Chartfield School PTFA's sign-up code for The Giving Machine is: