A copy of the minutes from the meeting can be downloaded here.

Mrs Milham, Mrs Malone, Miss Watson, Mrs Calcutt, Will Calcutt, Miss Shipley, Mrs Neale, Mrs Holland, Miss Stacey, and Mrs Horsley.

Mrs Garland, Ms Beranova, Miss Hamlin, Mrs Komolangan, Miss Havercroft, Mrs Dawson and Mr Carr.

Chartfield’s Got Talent
It is estimated that Chartfield Got Talent raised approximately £400.

PTFA Summer Fair – 26th June 2016
Items are coming in already. Some raffle tickets have also been sold.
Ms Beranova is unable to attend the Summer Fair and sends her apologies. Mrs Holland will speak to Mr Holland about the possibility of growing plants, herbs and flowers to sell. It is hoped that this might entice neighbours in.


  • Bouncy castle – to be confirmed with Mrs Komolangan
  • Name the Bear – Miss Shipley
  • Tombola – Mrs Calcutt
  • Deal or No Deal – Laura Shipley
  • Smash the crockery – Mr Brown
  • Booty jars – Mrs Horsley
  • Numbers – Miss Shipley
  • M&S Voucher – Miss Shipley
  • Cake stall and refreshments – Mrs Horsley
  • Raffle – Miss Shipley
  • Treasure/Dinosaur Island (with bucket and spade as prizes) – to be confirmed
  • Jack in the Bucket/Prosecco in a Pail – Mrs Komolangan
  • Lucky dip and Straws – Mrs Malone
  • Soak the Teacher – children
  • Hook the duck – Miss Watson
  • Bric-a-brac (school council) – Mrs Calcutt
  • Face painting and tattoos – Mrs Garland and Mr Carr
  • Burgers and hot dogs– Mrs Shipley
  • Teas – Mrs Neale
  • Painting/crafts – Mrs Holland

Miss Stacey volunteered her gazebo to put outside, which will serve as a Refreshments tent – in addition to housing the Cake Stall and Booty Jars. Mrs Holland will get the children to make some bunting. She will also look at Baker Ross, and develop the idea of ‘Pick the Lolly’. Mrs Calcutt has raffle tickets for the Tombola and Booty Jars. The PTFA will come in at 10am on the day to start setting everything up.
It was decided that entrance to the Fair would be 50p for a child, and £1 for an adult. This would include tea and squash. 100 numbers will be sold at £1 each, with prizes coming in the form of M&S, Smyths and supermarket vouchers.
The idea of a banner to put on the outer railings is to be investigated, either by painting a sheet, laminating card or looking on Amazon. Miss Stacey will provide prizes, bring cake stands and colouring competition sheets.

Rota for selling tickets:
– Mrs Milham: Tuesday/Thursday mornings, and Tuesday afternoon
– Mrs Horsley: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings
– Miss Stacey: Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Sports Day – Friday 1st July 2015
Bacon rolls and sausage rolls to be provided for the interval, with teas, coffees and soft drinks.
Cooking of the bacon will be shared out between different members of the committee. We will use two microwaves on the day to help maintain swift service. Volunteers will be needed to serve.
The PTFA will ask if anyone has a drone to see if we can film/take aerial photographs on the day.
Miss Stacey has volunteered her gazebo to be used on the field and playground on the day.

Speech Day – Wednesday 6th July 2015

Teas, coffees, scones, jam and cream will be served on the day. Miss Stacey will ask Mrs Komolangan about where to get cream pots from. £2 for a scone, jam, cream, tea or soft drink. £1 for a cold drink. With People to get there at 12.30pm to set up. Mrs Horsley, Mrs Milham and Mrs Malone would like to help.
No children under school age will be allowed, and only committee members who come to meetings regularly will be allowed reserved seats. Mrs Calcutt to man the door.

Any other business
The Giving Machine has raised £460.83 from 678 donations from 24 people.
The idea of a PTFA Night Out was well received. It is hoped that the PTFA can go out for drinks to the Pavilion, Broadstairs on Saturday 2nd July, 7.30pm-8pm start.
Mrs Malone will speak to her mother-in-law about painting the playground walls.
A ‘Painting Party’ was suggested, to help paint the interior walls of the school during the summer holidays. Letter will go out to parents asking for help, unused paint, etc.
It was suggested that a pen pal scheme be run during the summer holiday, so that the children could keep in touch with one another, by postcard, perhaps. The idea will be explored in school.

Meeting ended at 8.40pm
The next meeting
will be the AGM on Wednesday 14th September 2016, 7.30pm at school.