Miss Shipley, Mrs Garland, Mrs Holland, Mr Carr, Mrs Komolangan, Will Calcutt, Ms Hamlin, Miss Wolf, Miss Neale, Ms Dyett, Mrs Horsley, Miss Watson, Miss Marchant, Mrs Marchant, Mrs Whitehead, Mrs Knight and Mrs Milham.

Mrs Talling, Mrs Calcutt, Mrs Neale and Miss Mannion.

Miss Shipley proposed a contact sheet, so that members could be reached. Those present filled it out, and a copy will be circulated to each member of the committee.

The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed by the committee.

Halloween Disco – 31st October 2017, 5pm-7pm
There is a kitchen on site. Warm food might be a good idea, given the time of day. Miss Shipley will be informed beforehand whether the decorations will already be up.

Tickets are on sale now. Miss Shipley has sweets for party bags and will make them up. Miss Watson, Miss Marchant, Mrs Marchant and My Dyett intend to be present to help. Miss Hamlin also hopes to be present.
It will be decided on the Monday before (30th October) what food will be needed, as number should be clear by this point. Hot dogs suggested as one item of food, as they are always popular. The PTFA will bring the microwave from school to the venue to heat food.

Psychic Night – 24th November 2017
Psychic booked. £100 fee. The night will be held at Birchington Village Centre, as this allows for the use of a bar and the stage.

To break even, 20 tickets must be sold. The event is still a while off. Flyers will go out as the time approaches, whilst Miss Wolf has a poster in her shop window. A raffle will be held on the night. The committee will seek donations.

“The Chartfield Ice-Breaker” evening – Friday 17th November 2017, 7pm
Mrs Marchant suggested a “get to know the PTFA” social evening, where all parents would be welcome to come, have a glass of something, and get to know the committee and other parents. Nibbles and other food were suggested, in addition to entertainment. Other ideas included a Body Shop representative, Chocolate for Chocoholics, Ann Summers, the sweets people from the Summer Fair and a beautician. Miss Marchant is qualified as a beautician.

Mrs Marchant has volunteered to be on the gate to help highlight the event to parents.

Any other business
There are grand plans to redo the playground, which will be this year’s principle fundraising goal.

Miss Wolf had some fundraising ideas:

  • A sponsored Kick Fit event (including the teachers!)
  • Sunday quiz for the children. Miss Shipley explained the success of “Are You Smarter Than A Chartfield Child”.
  • Princess Day for the little ones.

Given how busy the Autumn Term is, it was agreed that these might be held during the Spring Term instead, alongside an Auction of Promises.

Staff and the PTFA will begin to keep an eye open for presents for the Christmas Present Shop. £4 is the average spend. These include items from the Pound shops, Asda, etc. This tends to make money for the PTFA. Mrs Marchant said that should would donate the presents that she has.

Unfortunately, Father Christmas is unable to attend the Christmas Fair and Party this year. The PTFA was asked to think about anyone they might know that would be willing to don the big red suit, ideally for both events.

The idea of a PTFA night out was once-again raised. Unfortunately, there are never many attendees and those who do attend are generally the same people each time.

The meeting ended at 8.20pm.


The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 15th November 2017, 7pm at school.