A copy of the minutes from the meeting can be downloaded here.

Miss Shipley, Mrs Komolangan, Mrs Holland, Mrs Neale, Mrs Garland, Mr Carr, Miss Watson, Mrs Horsley, Mr Horsley, Mrs Milham, and Miss Havercroft.

Mrs Calcutt, Will Calcutt, Miss Stacey, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Malone, Ms Beranova.

Easter egg hunt
Staff can arrange. Miss Stacey has already purchased the Easter eggs.

Chartfield’s Got Talent
Miss Shipley is awaiting a call from Kearns Hall; hopefully this will be held on the 18th March.
The PTFA will sell refreshments during the interval. We will be looking forward to the staff performance!

Cake sale – Monday 21st March
To be confirmed with Miss Stacey.
Plan to sell what’s left over at the Tuck Shop on Tuesday 22nd March.

Bumble Bee’s – Thursday 24th March
This will be held at 2pm, after the Marathon.
We will be charging each child £2.50, therefore will be making £2.50 profit on each ticket.
First drinks and biscuits will be supplied, whilst the committee will buy the extras.
Volunteers to stay and supervise children: Miss Shipley, Mrs Neale, Mrs Holland, Mrs Horsley, Mrs Garland and Mr Carr.

School uniform (second hand)
Miss Havercroft will take care of the second-hand uniform, and has suggested either selling some items on eBay or to the next year’s intake.
Miss Shipley suggested having the second-hand uniform at the intake day and ask the uniform shop to provide a dummy to display the uniform to new parents.
Miss Havercroft will prepare a letter for the children to take home asking if parents may have some good quality uniform they no longer want – anything handed in will be given to Miss Havercroft.

Unlabelled uniform
It was suggested that anything left with no name on that is not collected will go into the second-hand uniform.

The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 27th April 2016, 7.30pm at school.