Miss Shipley, Mrs Garland, Mrs Holland, Mrs Neale, Miss Dyett, Miss Wolf, Miss Watson, Mrs Horsley, Will Calcutt, Mrs Marchant, Miss Marchant, and Mrs Milham.

Mrs Calcutt, Mrs Komolangan, Mr Carr, Miss Neale, Miss Hamlin, Miss Whitehead, and Miss Knight

The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed by the committee.

PTFA Summer Fair 2018 – Sunday 8th June 2018, 12noon-2pm

  • Bouncy castle – Harry Milham
  • Name the Bear – to be completed prior to Fair
  • Tombola – Mrs Calcutt
  • Deal or No Deal – Laura Shipley
  • Smash the crockery – Miss Dyett
  • Booty jars – Mrs Horsley
  • Numbers – to be completed prior to Fair
  • M&S Voucher – to be completed prior to Fair
  • Cake stall and refreshments – Miss Marchant
  • Raffle – Miss Shipley
  • Jack in the Bucket/Prosecco in a Pail – Miss Hamlin
  • Lucky dip and Straws – Mrs milham
  • Soak the Teacher – Children
  • Soak Year 6! – Teachers
  • Hook the duck – Miss Watson
  • Hot food – Mrs Shipley
  • Teas – Mrs Neale
  • Painting/crafts – Mrs Holland
  • Play Your Cards Right – Miss Wolf
    lay Your Cards Right – Miss Wolf
  • Wheel of Fortune – to be confirmed

Miss Shipley noted that there hadn’t been a bouncy castle for a few years, and that was hoped that the fair could have a large one this year. She asked volunteers to try to source a cheap (or free one) to use. It was suggested that Kent Fire and Rescue Service might have one. Members of the committee were to look into finding someone to provide it.
It was suggested that enquiries be made early into the use of the field next year. However, liability and costs were an issue the last time the fair was held there.
Mrs Marchant will donate crockery to be smashed. Mrs Marchant will also be on the door for the Fair. She has kindly offered to donate jars.
Mrs Holland may use these jars to make “Fairies in a Jar” on the painting and crafts stall.
Mrs Marchant suggested a “Wheel of Fortune” type spinning wheel. Mrs Milham will speak to Harry Milham about building one.
Miss Shipley asked for ideas for more child-friendly events for the Fair.
The Tombola will be set up on the Friday before the fair. It was agreed that the committee would come to school at 10am on Sunday morning to set up the stalls.
A rota for selling items such as Numbers and Name the Bear was set up for the two weeks prior to the fair:

Monday 18th Tuesday 19th Wednesday 20th Thursday 21st Friday 22nd
Mrs Horsley (am) Miss Dyett (am) Mrs Milham
(am & pm)
Mrs Horsley (am) Mrs Milham
(am & pm)
Monday 25th Tuesday 26th Wednesday 27th Thursday 28th Friday 29th
Mrs Milham
(am & pm)
Mrs Milham
(am & pm)

Speech Day – Wednesday 11th July 2018, 2pm onwards
Servers needed for tea, coffee, scones and cream during the interval. The PTFA will also be selling bottled water. Mrs and Miss Marchant, Mrs Milham, and Will volunteered to set up and serve.

Sports Day – Friday 29th June
Bacon and sausage rolls will be on sale during the interval for adults and children. Members of the committee were asked to volunteer to cook the bacon prior to Sports Day. Miss Marchant offered to cook.
Drinks will also be available. Coke/Diet Coke were suggested. Miss Wolf will buy the drinks. It was agreed that polystyrene cups would be used for teas and coffees.
Mrs Milham volunteered to get everything set up. Miss Marchant also volunteered to help set up. Most of the PTFA will be present during Sports Day to help.
Miss Wolf suggested ice poles for the children afterwards

Any other business
At the time of the meeting, football sweepstakes were still available for the World Cup. Mrs Milham offered to try and sell these on Friday morning.
Miss Shipley thanked Mrs Milham for donating ice lollies. These have already raised £130 for the PTFA. She added that every little really does help the PTFA.
Miss Shipley thanked the committee for all their help during the school year.

The meeting ended at 8pm.

The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting.
Date and time to be confirmed.