A copy of the minutes from the meeting can be downloaded here.

Miss Shipley, Mrs Holland, Mrs Calcutt, Mrs Komolangan, Ms Stacey, Mrs Milham, Mrs Taylor, Mr Carr, Mrs Horsley, Mrs Malone, and Will Calcutt.

Mrs Neale, Mrs Garland, Miss Watson, Ms Beranova, Mrs Playford, Mrs Dawson, Mrs Brown, Mrs Dabanovic, Miss Hamlin, Mr Horsley, and Mrs Havercroft.

Spring Term
It is going to be a short term.
Committee discussed whether we would go to Jungle Jims after the Marathon (Thursday 24th March). It was suggested that Bumble Bees might be a better option. Miss Shipley said she would ring and find out about cost. Tickets would be available for siblings as well.
The school will be doing something for Chinese New Year, and perhaps a cake sale for Comic Relief.
Ms Stacey suggested a cake sale on Marathon Day. Miss Shipley suggested “Are You Smarter Than A Chartfield Child?” instead of a quiz night.
Committee asked about an adult night out, so Miss Shipley will send a letter out to parents and book TY8.

Any other business
Ideas for Summer Term:
Mrs Taylor offered the use of her garden for a Garden Party.
– Thai Meal at Mr and Mrs Steele’s.
The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 24th February 2016, 7.30pm at school.