A copy of the minutes from the meeting can be downloaded here.

Miss Shipley, Mrs Calcutt, Mrs Neale, Mr Carr, Miss Neale, Ms Watson, Mrs Butcher, Will Calcutt, Mrs Garland, Mrs Holland, Miss Stacey, Mrs Dabanovic, Mrs Dawson, Mrs Malone, Miss Havercroft, Ms Beranova, Mrs Adams, Mr Coad, Mrs Coad, Mrs Dyett, Mrs Milham and Mrs Horsley.

Mrs Komolangan and Miss Hamlin

Prior to giving the Chairperson’s Report, Miss Shipley welcomed everyone and introductions were made for the benefit of the new parents.

Chairperson’s Report
Miss Stacey informed those gathered that the PTFA has had a good year. Miss Stacey thanked the committee and the teachers for all their hard work, and briefly recapped what the PTFA had done over the previous year.

  • The Christmas and Summer Fairs did well, and everybody helped.
  • We aim to improve on last year’s fundraising efforts.

Miss Stacey also discussed events from previous years, including:

  • Nights out
  • Quiz Night
  • Psychic Night

Head Teacher’s Report
Miss Shipley explained that the aim of the PTFA is to raise funds for extras at school, and that everything is based around what the children are doing and for the children, like raising moneys to supplement trips.

Further, Miss Shipley also stated that all the money raised is put back into the school for the benefit of the children. She reiterated that the committee do a fantastic job, and as do the staff by helping out by being on the committee, and thanked the committee for their hard work. She also thanked Miss Havercroft for running the second-hand uniform shop.

To conclude, she explained that being on the committee also had the advantage of a reserved seat at Speech Day!

Treasurer’s Report
Mrs Milham gave a breakdown of the funds raised from when she took over as treasurer earlier in the year. These were:

  • Summer Fair: £1620
  • Sports Day: £94
  • Speech Day: £117

The final statement for the 2014-15 academic year was £3111.47 in the bank.

Election of New Committee
Miss Stacey has agreed to remain as Chairperson for the next year.

Treasurer Mrs Milham was also happy to continue in his role as Treasurer.

Mrs Calcutt is stepping down as Secretary. Will Calcutt agreed to take over.

The committee for the 2015-16 academic year will consist of:
Miss Shipley, Mrs Holland, Mrs Garland, Mr Carr, Mrs Calcutt, Mrs Neale, Mrs Butcher, Mrs Dawson, Mrs Malone, Miss Havercroft, Mrs Neale, Miss Watson, Mrs Dyett, a Coad, Mrs Dabanovic, Ms Beranova and Mrs Adams.

Any other business
The Harvest Festival will be held on Friday 7th October, with a service at Christ Church in Westgate. The children will then return to school, or go out with an adult to deliver the harvest baskets. Those left over will be donated to the local food bank. Mrs Dawson, Mr and Mrs Coad, Mrs Butcher and Mrs Dabanovic have all volunteered to deliver Harvest baskets.

A new policy has been brought the school’s attention which means that the staff may long be able to be friends on Facebook with parents, for fear of lines being fudged between the two roles. Parents will still be able to contact the school via the Chartfield Facebook page, which is manned almost continuously.

It was explained that through The Giving Machine, parents, teachers and friends are able to raise funds for the PTFA whilst doing their shopping. So far, £505 has been raised through The Giving Machine. Will informed the committee that the PTFA has a website as of today, and that more information about The Giving Machine could be found there.

The Committee were asked to think about new ideas, and especially events that could take place early this term. There might be a Halloween Disco, and it was suggested that this could become a PTFA event.

Mrs Garland suggested an Auction of Promises – she offered the example of a year of eggs or potatoes – as a PTFA event.

Mrs Malone posited the idea of an animal-related fun event. She explained that she has experience with such events.

The Treasure Hunt was also suggested, after a previous successful day. Mrs Calcutt said that she was thinking using Birchington as the next venue.

Mrs Butcher asked whether anything could be done to remove dirt from the Tyre Park from clothes. Miss Shipley said that she had found vanish and cold water worked best for her.

Placing plants in the far corner of the playground was suggested. Mrs Dawson will look into it. The PTFA will pay Mrs Dawson for the plants.

The next meeting was scheduled for
Wednesday 5th October 2016, 7.30pm at school.