Miss Shipley, Mrs Calcutt, Mrs Neale, Miss Neale, Mrs Pettit, Ms Watson, Will Calcutt, Mrs Garland, Mrs Holland, Miss Hamlin, Miss Knight, Miss Marchant, Mrs Adamus, Mrs Milham, and Mrs Pataky.

Mrs Komolangan, Mrs Horsley, Mrs Berry, Mrs Marchant, Mr Carr and Ms Dyett.

Prior to giving the Chairperson’s Report, Miss Shipley welcomed everyone.

Chairperson’s Report
Mrs Pettit listed the events held by the PTFA over the past school year: Halloween Disco; Christmas Fair and Party; Talent show; Psychic Night; Sports Day and Speech Day. While the PTFA did not hold many events last year, they still raised a significant amount of money, with only the Psychic Night being the only event that was not overly supported. This suggested that it was the key events of the school year that raised money for the PTFA. The money raised last year went towards the new playground, which the children love, showing that it was money well raised.

Head Teacher’s Report
Miss Shipley began by thanking everyone, committee and staff, for all of their hard work last year, stating whilst there were only a few events, their impact was huge in how it helped raise money for the school. She went on to thank Mrs Pettit for being the Chairperson last year, and for continuing in the role this year.
Miss Shipley also said that it was nice to see new people, with new ideas and pairs of hands always welcome on the PTFA. The committee, she said, is invaluable to the school, and the staff will continue to support it.

Treasurer’s Report
Mrs Milham informed the committee that there was currently over £3000 in the PTFA account. However, money is still owed to Mrs Neale to cover the cost the playground. She also added that fundraising through The Giving Machine continues to bring money in for the PTFA.

Election of New Committee
Before the election of the new committee, Miss Shipley outlined the new system that would be in place this year. A staff representative would be present at each meeting of the PTFA, though the entire staff would not be on the committee. A different staff member would be present each time, reporting to Miss Shipley after each meeting for final approval. This would mean that the PTFA would be handed off to parents and friends.

Mrs Pettit would remain in position as Chairperson, but Miss Marchant would be joining her as joint Chairperson to share the responsibilities.

Miss Watson will take over in charge of the second-hand uniform shop.

Treasurer Mrs Milham was also happy to continue.

Will Calcutt will remain as Secretary until such a time as a willing replacement can be found.

The committee for the 2018-19 academic year will consist of:
Miss Shipley/a staff representative, Mr Carr, Miss Neale, Will Calcutt, Ms Watson, Mrs Horsley, Miss Hamlin, Miss knight, Miss Marchant, Mrs Marchant, Mrs Pettit, Ms Dyett, Mrs Milham, Mrs Adamus, and Mrs Pataky.

Any other business

The Halloween Disco will be held on Wednesday 31st October, 5pm-7pm, at the Westgate Community Centre. Miss Shipley informed the committee that the hall had been booked and that tickets had been prepared.

Miss Watson told the committee that she would sort the remaining second-hand uniform, and unwanted items would be taken to Cash for Clothes.

Miss Shipley has found another psychic – Jane Davies – who has a good reputation. It was noted by some members of the committee that some people are not keen on psychics, or dislike going alone.

Mrs Calcutt said she would speak to Leslie Taylor regarding another Quiz Night, which was successful a few years previously. It was observed that, like the Psychic Night, some people disliked going alone. Mrs Calcutt also suggested another Treasure Hunt, this time to be held in the Summer Term, and focussing on Birchington.

The Giving Machine was explained to the newer members of the committee. Will Calcutt said he would send flyers to the school, which could then be distributed to the parents. A link would also be provided across the school’s web platform for parents to follow.

The school celebrates its 90th year in 2018, and Miss Shipley raised the idea of an event to celebrate this, perhaps a Christmas-themed party. A 1920’s theme was suggested. It was agreed that this adults-only event would be less about fundraising, particularly as Christmas is an expensive time, and more about celebrating the school and its history. Margate Football Club was suggested as a possible venue, as it is inexpensive to hire and offers a lot of space.

Miss Shipley informed the committee that the Christmas Party had been booked – Friday 7th December – and the PTFA would have access from 12noon. Mrs Calcutt added that Father Christmas had been booked for both the Christmas Party and the Christmas Fair, to be held on Saturday 24th November.

The meeting ended at 7.45pm.

The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 10th October 2018, 7pm at school.