A copy of the minutes from the meeting can be downloaded here.

Miss Shipley, Mrs Neale, Mrs Holland, Mrs Komolangan, Mrs Taylor, Ms Beranova, Mrs Calcutt, Will Calcutt, Mrs Garland, Mrs Horsley, Mr Horsley, Mrs Dabanovic, Ms Havercroft, Mr Carr, Ms Stacey, Ms Hamlin, Mrs Dawson, Ms Watson, Mrs Malone, and Mr and Mrs Brown.

Mrs Playford, Mrs Warner, Katie Bates, Mrs Milham

Prior to giving the Chairperson’s Report, Miss Shipley welcomed everyone and introductions were made for the benefit of the new parents.

It was announced that Mrs Komolangan would be stepping down as Chairperson, having done a wonderful job for the PTFA in the role. Those present thanked her for all she has done.

Chairperson’s Report
Mrs Komolangan congratulated everyone for all their hard work and briefly recapped what the PTFA had done over the previous year.

  • The Treasure Hunt was very successful and enjoyed by those taking part.
  • We aim to improve on last year’s Christmas Fair.
  • The Summer Fair went well and was above expectations.
  • The Talent Show was enjoyed by all.

All in all, it was considered a good fundraising year.

Treasurer’s Report
Mr Horsley stated that the PTFA has a healthy bank balance going into the new school year. The amount of money raised over the year was £4,372.42. Expenditure, on items such as room hire and a new set of curriculum books, was £2,550.94. Going into the 2015-16 academic year, the PTFA still has £2,431.47 at its disposal.

Miss Shipley thanked Mr Horsley for overseeing the PTFA’s account.

Election of New Committee
Chairperson Mrs Komolangan is stepping down from the role, and Miss Stacey will undertake the challenge, with the assistance of Miss Shipley until the New Year.

Treasurer Mr Horsley was also happy to continue in his role as Treasurer.

Mrs Calcutt will continue to be the Secretary, with Will Calcutt continuing as her assistant.

Last year’s committee members were all happy to continue, with the addition of Miss Hamlin.

Head Teacher’s Report
Miss Shipley thanked everyone on the committee from last year, and welcomed new additions. She especially wanted to thank the staff, who she praised for their continued dedication and time. She received unanimous agreement that everything the PTFA does is for the benefit of the children.

She praised the work of the PTFA, especially in their fundraising efforts, through which the school has been able to buy a whole new curriculum that the teachers can use to further the knowledge of the children.

Miss Shipley thanked Mrs Neale for the new surface at the front of the school, and Mr Playford for the excellent work his company had done in making it possible.

To conclude, she explained that the school numbers are up, and praised everyone for their continued hard work, stating that they do a great job!

Any other business
Will explained that through The Giving Machine, parents, teachers and friends have raised £286.84 for the PTFA. He encouraged the new parents to sign up to the service, and to spread the word to family and friends. If there are any queries, he can be contacted via the school or PTFA Facebook pages.

Mrs Dawson asked for a small budget for gardening. It will be arranged.

The PTFA adult events were discussed, and it was agreed that they are not very well supported. The committee agreed that it would be good to have some sort of party for the adults.

The Harvest Festival will be held on Friday 2nd October, with a service at Christ Church in Westgate. The children will then return to school, or go out with an adult to deliver the harvest baskets. Those left over will be donated to the local food bank. Ms Hamlin volunteered to deliver, and will see whether Amelia’s grandparents can assist. Willow’s mum also volunteered, as did, Mrs Dawson (and perhaps Mr D. Brown).

The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 4th November 2015, 7.30pm at school.