Miss Shipley, Mrs Calcutt, Mrs Neale, Mr Carr, Miss Neale, Ms Watson, Will Calcutt, Mrs Garland, Mrs Holland, Mrs Warner, Mrs Dawson, Miss Havercroft, Ms Beranova, Mrs Horsley, Miss Hamlin, Mrs Jaques, Miss Marchant, Mrs Marchant, Miss Wolf, Miss Whitehead, Miss Mannion, and Mrs Talling.

Mrs Komolangan, Miss Forsdike, Ms Dyett and Mrs Milham.

Prior to giving the Chairperson’s Report, Miss Shipley welcomed everyone and informed those present that there was currently no Chairperson, and that Will Calcutt was looking to step down as secretary.

Chairperson’s Report
Miss Hamlin read a short report on behalf of the outgoing Chairperson, Mrs Brown. She stated that the PTFA meet once or twice each term, organising events such as last term’s Summer Fair. Every penny earned by the PTFA goes towards the children; the money spent on the Forest School and the Christmas trip for the whole school, for example. Though very expensive, it is thoroughly worth it for the children and offers an invaluable experience.

Head Teacher’s Report
Miss Shipley began by giving a big thank you to the committee and staff for everything they do, big and small, and explained that the PTFA works because people work together. The PTFA is always open to new ideas to raise money, with the aim of the children enjoying themselves. She explained that last year’s committee had been fantastic, as had the staff, who are always available to offer support to the committee.

There was thanks to Miss Havercroft for continuing to run the second-hand uniform shop, and to Mrs Dawson for the flowers and gardening work she’s done. Miss Shipley expanded on these thanks as examples of why support is so important to the school and the impact it has. She explained that the money is spent wisely and helps to subsidise events  – War Horse the most recent example, said to be breath-taking to see, and to keep costs down, the PTFA are being asked to cover the cost of the coach – and do things to help the children.

Miss Shipley concluded by thanking all for the fundraising last year, and by welcoming the newcomers. Active members are what’s needed to keep the PTFA working so well.

Treasurer’s Report
Mrs Milham sent her apologies for being unable to attend, but provided a breakdown of the funds raised from over the year. These were:

  • Christmas Fair: £2416.43
  • Summer Fair: £1787.55
  • Sports Day: £89.70

The final statement for the 2016-17 academic year was £6049.21 in the bank.

Election of New Committee
Miss Wolf was elected as this year’s Chairperson, with Mrs Warner offering any support Miss Wolf might require.

Treasurer Mrs Milham was also happy to continue.

Will Calcutt is stepping down as Secretary. Mrs Warner agreed to take over the role.

Miss Havercroft is happy to continue to keep and run the second-hand uniform shop.

Prior to the election of the committee, Miss Shipley explained that the committee would be expected to help at events. She also pointed out that the PTFA is not a forum for school matters, and for school business, to see her.

The committee for the 2016-17 academic year will consist of:

Miss Shipley, Mrs Calcutt, Mrs Neale, Mr Carr, Miss Neale, Mrs Komolangan, Mrs Garland, Mrs Holland, Will Calcutt, Ms Watson, Mrs Warner, Mrs Dawson, Miss Havercroft, Ms Beranova, Mrs Horsley, Miss Hamlin, Mrs Jaques, Miss Marchant, Mrs Marchant, Miss Wolf, Miss Whitehead, Miss Mannion, Mrs Talling, Ms Dytt and Mrs Milham.

Any other business
The Harvest Festival will be held on Friday 6th October, with a service at Christ Church in Westgate. The children will then return to school, or go out with an adult to deliver the harvest baskets to the local community and those with a relationship with school. Those left over will be donated to the local food bank. This year, four cars might be required between 10.30-11am for two hours. Mrs Marchant, Mrs Dawson, Miss Hamlin, Mrs Warner and Miss Marchant have all volunteered to drive and help deliver Harvest baskets.

The Halloween Disco will be held on Tuesday 31st October at Cliftonville Indoor Bowls between 5-7pm. The cost was £85 including the DJ. There is a kitchen at the site, plus excellent parking. The venue should be pre-prepared, minus food. More at the next meeting.

The Christmas Fair and Party will also be discussed at the next meeting. The PTFA will not be allowed access before exactly 12noon.

A number of suggestions were put forward:

  • Tarot – Mrs Calcutt to make enquiries.
  • Psychic Night was discussed again. Miss Mannion suggested renting of a mobile bar if the PTFA finds premises. Mrs Warner to make enquiries with someone she knows.
  • Miss Whitehead happy to donate kiln time for children to make Christmas decorations. She also has links to local galleries, which may allow the children to see decorations.
  • A school calendar was suggested, with each child’s birthday on it. Miss Shipley noted that calendars had been done in the past. Miss Mannion has connections with a printing company, so could make enquiries.
  • Chartfield recipe book was raised by Mrs Holland, perhaps including children’s recipes.

The meeting ended at 7.40pm.


The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 27th September 2017, 7pm at school.