Minutes for PTFA Meeting Wednesday 15th November 2017

Miss Shipley, Mrs Calcutt, Mr Carr, Mrs Garland, Mrs Komolangan, Mrs Holland, Miss Wolf, Mrs Warner, Miss Hamlin, Mrs Marchant, Miss Marchant, Mrs Horsley, Mrs Talling, Miss Neale, Ms Dyett, Miss Watson

Miss Mannion, Mrs Neale, Miss Whitehead, and Will Calcutt

Miss Shipley opened the meeting with a big thank you to all that helped out at the Halloween disco.

Psychic Night – 24th November 2017
We do not have definite numbers so far, as most people are just going to pay on the door.  We agreed on a cold buffet rather than hot food.

Christmas Fair – 25th November 2017
Miss Shipley request that please could all helpers assemble at school for 9am to set up for opening at 11.  Also it would be appreciated if as many people as possible could stay afterwards to help clear away.  We have managed to get a Father Christmas for both the fair and the Christmas Party.  It was agreed that the cost to see Father Christmas would be £3 so as to cover the costs. There is to be selection boxes as prizes and agreed that any leftovers can be used as prizes at the Christmas party.

All the boards are ready for the raffle, Find Santa, Guess the Elf’s name etc.  It was agreed to start selling the tickets outside – morning and afternoons from Thursday 16th November.

It was agreed that alongside serving tea/coffee, a large dispenser flask of hot chocolate would be prepared to sell with warmed mince pies. Mrs Warner providing the flask.  Miss Dyett is providing the tabletop hostess unit for the mince pies. Also providing bacon and sausage rolls – which Mrs Shipley is kindly cooking for us again.

Stalls will be manned as follows:

  • Tombola                 – Mrs Calcutt
  • Raffle                     – Miss Shipley
  • Tea/coffee               – Mrs Neale & Miss Neale
  • Cakes                     – Mrs Komolangan
  • Face painting            – Mr Carr
  • Art & Craft               – Mrs Holland (a keepsake name made with scrabble letters on a card)
  • Lucky dip                 – Mrs Talling
  • Pick a carrot             – Mrs Warner
  • Treasure Trail           – Miss Hamlin
  • Card game               – Laura Shipley
  • Balloon game           – Mrs Garland & Kieran Garland
  • Bottles in buckets      – Mrs Knight & Ms Dyett
  • Booty jars                – Mrs Horsley
  • Pick your own stone   – need a volunteer to man this.

Also there is a lady hosting her own Craft stall and Miss Wolf will be selling Christmas items.

It was agreed that the entrance fee to be Adults £1.50 and children £1, which includes a tea/coffee/squash and a biscuit. Mrs Marchant has agreed to man the entrance desk.

Miss Marchant suggested making up novelty reindeer hot chocolate bags and has offered to make them.  Also suggested was ‘adopt a teddy’ whereby the children bring in unwanted soft toys and donate them then choose a donated one.

Christmas Party – 7th December 2017
The DJ is setting up at Manston Village Hall at 8:30. Helpers agreed to meet there and set up at 12pm ready for 12:30 start. Agreed helpers are Mrs Warner, Ms Hamlin, Ms Dyett, Mrs Horsley, Miss Neale, Mrs Marchant, and Miss Talling.

All party food was agreed and Miss Wolf kindly offered to store the frozen items in her freezer. It was agreed to do separate plates to cater for the children with allergies.  Agreed last year’s portions were not sufficient so have agreed to increase portions.


The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 17th January 2018, 7pm at school.