Approved at PTFA Meeting

Wednesday 4th June 2014


  • To promote close cooperation between parents, teachers and friends of the school in all matters pertaining to the well-being and betterment of the school and its pupils
  • To encourage communication between the aforementioned with the purpose of engaging all in activities that support and advance the education and welfare of the children.
  • To facilitate the above through the organisation of social, educational and fundraising activities.


Membership of the PTFA shall be open to:

  • Serving members of the teaching staff
  • Parents, guardians and friends of children currently in attendance at Chartfield School
  • Volunteers serving Chartfield School
  • Friends of the school.

General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within the first two weeks following the commencement of the Autumn Term each September.

Notice shall be posed regarding the time and date of the meeting at least ten days in advance, using a letter sent home to each parent and through electronic means (through the school website and social media pages).

Business shall include:

  • Reports from the retiring Chairperson of the PTFA
  • The Treasurer’s report
  • The election of the PTFA Committee

At all Annual General Meetings, each person present shall be entitled to one vote. The Committee shall have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting giving at least 14 days’ notice and by including a Formal Agenda.

The Committee

Business of the PTFA shall be managed by the Committee, which shall consist of at least three members (Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

They shall be elected for a one-year term and be eligible for re-election. The Committee may co-opt any member to fill a vacancy occurring between AGMs. The co-opted member shall retire at the next AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election.

Teaching staff (defined by acting in any position in which payment is made for services rendered) are permitted to be members of the Committee. However, to maintain the independence of the Committee, they shall be exempt from involvement with any financial matters.

The Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that all property/monies received by/for the PTFA shall be applied for the aims of the PTFA. Accurate records shall be kept regarding income and expenditure, and should be made available to parents at the time of each AGM.


Funds of the PTFA shall be lodged in a bank, building society or other account in the name of the PTFA. Cheques shall be drawn or withdrawn against the signature of the two named Committee members.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of the financial transactions of the PTFA.

The books shall be made available to an independent examiner (whether appointed by the Committee or not) at any point.

The accounts of the PTFA shall be closed on 31st July in preparation for the new school year and AGM in September


The Committee shall meet as frequently as may be found necessary, but not less often than once every two months during the school year, and at any time on the request of the Chairperson or School Proprietor.

A minimum of ten days’ notice shall be given prior to a Committee meeting.

Changes to the Constitution

Changes or additions must be made at an AGM, or an EGM called for that purpose. Such proposed changes shall be specified in the notice given when calling the meeting, and approved by no less than two thirds of those present.


In the event that the PTFA ceases to exist, any remaining funds shall be distributed in a manner that directly benefits the children of the school.

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