Miss Shipley, Mrs Neale, Mrs Calcutt, Mr Carr, Mrs Garland, Mrs Holland, Miss Wolf, Mrs Warner, Mrs Marchant, Miss Marchant,  Miss Neale, Miss Watson, Miss Whitehead

Miss Hamlin, Ms Dyett, Mrs Milham, Mrs Horsley, Mrs Jaques, Mrs Komolangan

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed by the committee.

Talent Show
Miss Shipley asked for volunteers to meet early at Kearns Hall to set up for the show. Mrs Warner, Miss Neale, Miss Marchant and Mrs Marchant all agreed to meet there from 4pm.
It was agreed as per last year’s show that hot dogs and crisps will be on sale (Miss Wolf  kindly offered to provide) along with the usual hot and cold refreshments.  Mrs Warner will provide cakes too.  Miss Hamlin is providing the PA system.

Easter Egg Hunt
Miss Shipley asked for volunteers to come into school on the morning of Wednesday 28th March to hide the eggs – Miss Marchant will kindly do this.

Sport Relief
It was discussed that the school proposes to do various sponsored exercises i.e. rowing machine, exercise bike, skipping – each class are to have a different sport for the whole week.  Also proposed that some children to walk around Westgate shops with collection buckets with children doing activities.  Miss Shipley advised that the proceeds will be split into 2 – half for the playground and the other half for Sport Relief.

Any other business
Miss Shipley was pleased to report that the School Council raised £230 – which paid for the chicks that are currently hatching.


The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 2nd May 2018, 7pm at school.